Lost In a Dream, Marc Adamus

who / where / when: Marc Adamus/Alvord Playa, Oregon

what:  The focal point is most clearly the man, who seems lost in space.  He is basically silhouetted in front of the sun.  Adamus did a great job of sofetning the light from the sun so it doesn’t overtake the photo.  The coolest part of this photo is the relectiveness of the sand that the man is standing on.  It creates balance in the shot by copying the cloud and star streaks in the sky

how:  Adamus used a 3 minute exposure for this photo.  This comes through in the streaking clouds and glowing light.  It is impressive that he managed to keep the man in focus, as he made him stand still for the entire 3 minutes.  He also used a high aperture because you can tell that the background is in focus.  Using a tripod, Adamus probably waited for the opportune time right as the moon rose.

why:  Adamus is a professional photographer so I can imagine he took the photo partly for money.  Also, looking through his other photos they are very realistic and it seems as though he was looking to capture something a bit more abstract.  He succeeded.

links:  Here’s a link to Adamus’ page.

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